Quick Links for April 7th

Good Lord this week is going by fast. I blinked and it’s Wednesday. Now if only I could blink and be magically transported to 9 pm for $2 you call its at Fats. But until then, let’s knock out some Quick Links and wait for something remotely newsworthy to happen.

Just in case you forgot, Delta is fucking packed

Back when I went to Delta it was a simpler time. One could show up on the first day of class and pick whatever class they wanted then wait for the kids that were only there to stay on their parent’s medical insurance to leave and you were in. It’s how I picked every non-journalism class I ever took there. Sadly, those days are over. Now, if you want to take pretty much any class you have to be on the ball and register right away. That’s expecting a lot out of Delta’s students because, let’s face it, there’s a reason they’re at the glorified adult day care that is Delta College. They’re all lazy assholes like me.

It’s hard to fathom how a school seeing record enrollment that charges almost 3 times per unit than when I went there could be so cash strapped, but they are. Maybe they should push though another bond measure…oh yeah, nevermind. So if you’re thinking of making an appearance in the 13th grade in the fall, get your shit together or else you’ll end up driving to the Mountain House Trailer Park 3 times a week like my sister. If you thought trying to escape the Stockton campus was traffic hell, try going to Mountain House. The campus may have less students, but you still have to take the glorified parking lot that is the 205, and I wouldn’t wish that upon anybody.

I will never forgive Oprah for popularizing people as brands

I don’t link nearly enough to non-Record local blogs, let’s work on that. Today, Podcast Stockton‘s Rod Villagomez turned the reins of his Rod’s Rants blog over to fellow blogger Annie Sorensen for a guest post on what used to be called “networking” but now is known as “personal branding”. It’s a well-written look at how blogging/the internet has changed how people network and get ahead.

One of the most common misconceptions people have about blogs is that one day they will overtake traditional media and, while I thoroughly enjoy this medium, that notion is total bullshit. I don’t expect to ever be able to seriously make money doing this site. That’s a lot of work. Hell, most bloggers I would consider successful (like Fanhouse contributor and SacTown Royalty proprietor Tom Ziller) are holding down day jobs. Sure, there are people like professional douche Perez Hilton who can somehow parlay poor MS Paint photo desecration into a living, but those examples are few and far between. Saying those guys are the standard is like saying LeBron James is proof that the NBA shouldn’t have an age limit. There are always exceptions to the rule but generally it’s tough to make decent money on the internet, just ask The Record.

The internet just provides a medium for guys like me to present themselves and hopefully get noticed by someone who likes the cut of their jib. It’s like a developmental system for writers/broadcasters, you go online and put your work out there and develop some sort of voice and if enough people like you then the opportunities will roll in. Hell, you don’t even have to be particularly good at it, you just need enough people to like you. It’s not a terribly new concept, but it’s a new way to go about it. Most of what people consider personal branding is crap we don’t even think of, it’s just being yourself. Life is a personal branding mission. If people don’t like you, people aren’t going to help you out. Lucky for me, I’m adorable, so I network very well. Buying drinks also helps.

My thoughts on Tiger Woods summed up in one satirical blog post

I also have linked to our good friends over at Kissing Suzy Kolber lately so why not include them too? A while back when the 4-month Masters commercial that is the Tiger Woods scandal began, someone asked me on Twitter my thoughts on the whole debacle. Well, (surprise) I didn’t pull through with the promised Tiger post. Fortunately my favorite writer at the moment, KSK/Deadspin’s Big Daddy Drew Magary was able to put my thoughts into words. Words belonging to KSKharacter New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan. Here’s the key excerpt in which Ryan tries to motivate Tiger after he claims that he’s trying to be a better person because that’s what people want:

Ryan: Well, FUCK THEM IN THE FLAGSTICK. You didn’t get here by being a nice person, now did you? You didn’t get here by being some happy go lucky fellow who stays loyal to his old lady and pats other players on the ass. YOU GOT HERE BY BEING A FUCKING KILLER.

Tiger Woods: But I can’t…

Ryan: But you ARE. That’s what you are, little jungle cat. You are a fucking walking machine of DEATH. That’s what you were born to be. It’s in your SOUL. You can’t just waltz into some Ole Miss dick clinic and wash it off. It doesn’t work that way. And it shouldn’t. And you know why? Because there is no such thing as being a BETTER person. All this good person and bad person nonsense is SHIT. Everyone, deep down, is the same. Everyone wants the same things. Money. Power. Glory. Only difference between you and them is that you had the balls to take it without apology. AND THAT’S WHAT A FUCKING WINNER DOES.

Yeah, it’s a pretty awesome post. Alon with that it also brought compound swears cunthinge and fuck sundae into our lexicon, so it’s pretty ground breaking.


~ by Slick Diaz on April 7, 2010.

One Response to “Quick Links for April 7th”

  1. It is posts like these that I like to read your wares. Love the fire, love the position, love the truth. This is the epitome of staying fresh. Fuck branding and just do what you do good. If people like you, you will be fine. Success is in the street.

    **slow clap**

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