We’re just days away from being blissfully ignorant about the happenings at Tracy trailer parks again

So Melissa Huckaby got sentenced the other day. Court documents will be released by the end of the week (unless they’re not). She got life without parole, which is basically the equivalent of a death sentence since we have no “acceptable” form of capital punishment currently. Regardless, we finally get to put this whole thing behind us. Right after we peck through all the sordid details (via the Tracy Press because they’re free) like the vultures we all are!

Here’s what we know at the time of this writing: Sandra was pretty much dead and ditched in a dairy pond within 2 hours of that surveillance camera’s last images of her. 8 minutes after that camera caught some of her final moments, it caught Melissa Huckaby driving out of the trailer park and to her grandfather’s church which is the presumed murder scene (not before informing her trailer park manager that her suitcase, you know, the one she stuffed Sandra in, had been stolen. Alibis are everything. Remember this part later). There Sandra Cantu died from “homicidal asphyxiation”, basically she was choked to death. Either from a window blind cable, a “cloth knotted into a noose”, or an ethyl alcohol-soaked rag.

Then she did something with a rolling pin. Depending on who you want to believe, she either beat her with it for good measure or she did that and something sexual she denied in her public statement and is something I’d rather not get into. Oh, and before all this she drugged her with that muscle relaxant she allegedly gave some other girl and that one dude whose name isn’t worth looking up. Then she dumped her in a dairy pond and told some ex-Marine who saw her she was taking a piss (again, alibis are everything).

Did I forget to mention there was a shitload of forensic evidence? Yeah, that shit was everywhere. They found the bloody rolling pin at the church. Aren’t those things made out of wood? Burn that shit! Not that it would have mattered. The FBI noticed the fucking missing window blind cord. When they found Sandra they had a cordage expert confirm it was the missing church cord. The FBI has cordage experts? Good Lord, they don’t fuck around. How do you go to school for that?

So yeah, as surprising as it was when she plead guilty, it’s not too surprising considering they had the murder weapon, DNA in incriminating locations, and a credible witness that placing her at the dump site. And then there’s the note. A note given to Tracy Police by Melissa Huckaby. A note she wrote but claimed to have found or something a day after she killed Cantu.

“Cantu locked in stolin suitcase thrown in water onn Bacchetti Rd. & Whitehall Rd witness”

Obviously the note is sicc’d and was written to disguise Huckaby’s writing, but no number of misspellings can hide the fact that no completely uninvolved witness would be aware that the suitcase Sandra was locked in was stolen unless they witnessed the entire crime starting with the theft of Huckaby’s suitcase. She was so concentrated on disowning her suitcase that she essentially gave herself away in her “tip”. By the way, is this Tracy Press article wrong or did the murderer give the police a note telling them almost exactly where the body was and it still took them 10 days to find her? 10 days!? And they didn’t even find them! Mexican farm workers did! In fact, they found the suitcase but determined it was too small to contain a child. Facepalm anybody?

So now we’re left with one question. Why? Why would a 29-year-old woman kill and possibly sexually assault her daughter’s friend? Huckaby herself claims to not know. Of course she also once claimed to have no idea what happened to Sandra Cantu, so what credibility does she have? Loving stereotypes like I do, I see a trailer park in Tracy and assume meth problem. Then again, I always blame meth because I’ve spent too much time in Tuolumne County. Rumors surrounding Huckaby’s startling weight gain suggest she’s begun taking psychotropic medication which would suggest some sort of bipolar condition (“some sort of” being a medical term). This theory has been backed up by de facto Huckaby/Cantu expert and former Tracy Press reporter Jennifer Wadsworth. Considering she scored the last non-police interview Huckaby had as a free woman (Who says hometown papers don’t have pull anymore?), it’s worth passing along the rumor. It is worth noting it is a rumor she wasn’t comfortable including in her Daily Beast piece, so grain of salt. (Small correction: According to Wadsworth, her Daily Beast editors removed the weight gain theory, not her.)

What did we learn from all of this? Don’t let your kids near crazy women? That would complicate my “all women are crazy” theory. If this was truly some sort of bipolar freakout, then it somehow makes this story even more tragic. Having dealt with bipolar people in my life, I know how little control people who suffer from that disorder have over it. The meds for it making you fat doesn’t exactly encourage people to take them. They truly don’t know what triggers an outburst. It could literally be anything. Take it from a guy who has had his fair share of shoes/phones/anything within reach thrown at his head. Even so, it’s still on Huckaby to take her meds.

If it’s my gut and it’s drugs we still learn nothing. Drugs are bad, we get it. I already have to show my ID to buy sudafed, you can’t really get safer with that one. Either way, we don’t learn much from this. Crazy is crazy, it can be random, tragic, and cruel. Life sucks sometimes, and as cheesy as it sounds the only real thing we can learn from this is to appreciate life more when it doesn’t suck. Plus, life doesn’t suck as much as when you put it in perspective. It’s an incredibly corny lesson, but helping people enjoy life a little bit more is a pretty damn good legacy.


~ by Slick Diaz on June 16, 2010.

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