America’s Next Top Taco Truck: Beto’s Tacos

I’ve been looking for months for a weekly feature that requires minimal research to help compliment the weekly posts I’ve been doing over here and I think I’ve finally found it.

If there’s one thing Stockton’s known for, it’s diversity. Few towns are as unique as Stockton with our impressive array of various ethnic restaurants. The Record does a decent job visiting as many of these establishments as possible but they’re missing out on one of Stockton’s biggest eatery niches. We’re here to fill that niche with my absolute favorite new series of posts where we look for…

America’s Next Top Taco Truck!

Yes, that’s right, we’re reviewing Stockton’s numerous taco trucks in an effort to find the absolute best carnitas in the county and possibly the entire country. I’ve assembled a crack team of judges which includes myself, my brother Miguel, and my roommate Rebecca to see just which motorized food truck gives you the most lengua for your buck. We’ll be judging on a constantly evolving 1-10 scale based on presentation, taste, spiciness, price, and whether or not that week’s offering had us racing for the bathroom.

Quality taco trucks can really only be found via word of mouth so I encourage you to e-mail us with your suggestions for which truck we should judge next. We’ll try and hit as many as possible because I will use any excuse to eat dollar tacos. We’re trying to limit this to just trucks, but carts are acceptable. We’re good as long as it doesn’t have a foundation. Just send us the general location and when they’re usually there along with any suggestions if they have a specialty and we’ll try and hit it up.

Our first contestant in America’s Next Top Taco Truck is Beto’s Tacos on the corner of Pershing and Rosemarie. It has an excellent reputation around town as one of the area’s better taco trucks. I’m somewhat biased towards Betos because they’re located just across the street from RTT preferred watering hole Fat’s Grill and Bar and about a half block from my place. So yeah, I eat there a lot.


Beto's menu

Beto’s offers a nice selection of different meats in addition to the standard chicken, pork, and beef (sadly, no fish tacos). We all decided to go with tacos, mostly because they were only a buck a piece, but their burrito pricing is also fairly frugal with $4 burritos and $5 super burritos. “Super” of course being code for sour cream.

I went with some carne asada tacos while my roommate opted for chicken. My brother, having spent most of the year in the tacoless wasteland known as Utah went all fancy on us and chose the lengua (tongue) and cabeza (which is apparently the cheek part of the cabeza).

Even with this wide variety of taco meat, we all came in about the same with most of us rating our tacos in the 7-8 range. Miguel described his tongue taco as “really good” and he enjoyed the texture of said taco more than the cabeza which he described as fatty and stringier than he’s used to from head meat (which we decided was due to overcooking as a result of the above-average amount of tacos we ordered at once). The tongue received a 7 out of 10 tacos on the RTT patented Taco Fierceness Scale while the cabeza only managed a 5.


Delicious chicken tacos

My roommate was less descriptive with her chicken tacos but did note they were “awesome” and ranked them an 8 on the Taco Fierceness Scale. She did add though that they weren’t spicy enough for her liking despite getting hot sauce instead of mild. Of course, that could just be her Latin blood as my brother and I thought the mild sauce was just the right level of spicy. The other issue she had was that Betos didn’t give her enough lime to squeeze on her food and we agreed that the number of limes should outnumber the tacos and not vice-versa.

While I can personally testify on the awesomeness of the chicken tacos, the beef tacos were also excellent. Mine were greasier than usual, but that’s to be expected from time to time. Fortunately they weren’t nearly as greasy as my brother’s head taco which almost created a perfect murder scene-like taco grease outline on his plate. The carne asada ranks a solid 7 on the TFS, not as good as the chicken, but still a good choice.

Finally, we have to tackle the stuff we didn’t consume that day. I’m particularly familiar with this truck so I can add that the pork tacos are about a 6.5 as they also sometimes suffer from a little too much time on the grill. We’ve focused mostly on tacos due to their price, but Betos also makes a  burrito of impressive size. Although, they occasionally suffer from over-stuffing, a problem compounded by the fact that the aluminum foil sometimes doesn’t completely wrap around the burrito, creating a larger than usual mess.

For the price and location (at least for me) Beto’s is going to be hard to beat. I picked them first not only for their proximity to me but because I wanted the bar set high for future taco trucks. Overall I’d rate Beto’s a 7.5 out of 10. There’s room for improvement and they desperately need to serve something to wash it down with, but overall it’s an above-average taco truck.

Beto’s Tacos is located on the southwest corner of Pershing and Rosemarie and generally closes at dusk or 7, whichever comes first.


~ by Slick Diaz on July 14, 2010.

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