Why I won’t be going to this weekend’s Snoop Dogg concert

I’ll have a Quick Links up by the end of the day, but first I have to get something off my chest. I know this makes me an enormous hypocrite, but I will not be attending the Snoop/Ice Cube concert tomorrow night despite my previous claims. The short answer to why is money. The long answer is a bit more complicated.

When this concert was first announced my initial reaction was “Fuck!”. I was pissed because I had just seen Snoop Dogg at the Shoreline Amphitheater late last year, so if I were to attend the Stockton concert (which I’m not), I’d be paying a minimum of $50 (more on this in a sec) to see what was (and I hate to break this to everyone) a mediocre show…again. I was more willing to when I thought the price was $31, but I had totally forgotten about how ticket offices bilk you for ridiculous services fees for having the gall to purchase your tickets in a convenient manner. So take that $30 ticket and make it $50, then add $10 for parking. You’re dropping $60 for cheap seats before the various ultra lounges try to entice you to go buy $15 cocktails (after the $98 cover) at what they swear is the “official” afterparty.

This isn’t just my line of thinking, I’ve heard the expense excuse from a lot of people. It even prompted me to dickishly Tweet that Stocktonians need to put their money where their mouth is if they ever want to see mainstream acts in Stockton again and I’ve been more vocal about the quality of the Arena’s acts than a lot of people. God, I’m an asshole. I want to go, or more accurately, I wanted to go.

I’ve had plenty of discussions about whether the price of the ticket is “worth it” and as continuously put off purchasing my set, I’ve finally come the conclusion that a lot of people seem to have arrived at, it’s not. I know that contradicts a lot of what I’ve been Tweeting lately, but it’s the truth. The marketing for this show has been terrible. Nothing in the promotion for this show has made me feel like it’s worth the $60 investment. Granted, my excitement is watered down by recently seeing the Doggfather, but it’s a decision countless others have come to as well either consciously or subconsciously. $60 doesn’t just fall from the sky, I know my budget doesn’t have that much wiggle room.

In the month leading up to this show the promoter has done nothing to try and convince me or anybody in the general public that it’s worth it. Hell, the shows fucking tomorrow! Do you see anything about it in The Record aside from a blurb in the TimeOut section? The Record’s own Literacy Fair received more press than this fucking show! Earlier this week the main story in the LENS section (the E in LENS does stand for entertainment after all) was 3 football players with consecutive numbers standing in sequence! That got an entire column! 3 dudes standing in order by random chance have received better coverage than this fucking show! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but Jesus tapdancing Christ that’s ridiculous. I don’t spend $60 on a single item very often, my guess is the people willing to slum it in the Upper Endzone seating don’t either. Nothing in the days leading up to this show has even dampened the little voice in the back of my head that’s saying “This is kind of a rip-off”.

Again, I realize this all makes me a huge hypocrite, but not even bringing this point up would make me an even bigger one. Stockton’s not the kind of City whose residents just hand over their hard earned spare cash just because some promoter comes in with a big name or two. They still have to make us feel like what you’re presenting is going to be worth going without whatever that money normally goes to. They haven’t done that for me. So while I would love to go see this show because I’m a big Ice Cube fan, I think I’ll pay my cable bill instead. Hope everyone who goes has a good time though.


~ by Slick Diaz on September 23, 2010.

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