Quick Links for 10/20 (Shit you won’t care about in 3 weeks edition!)

I hate elections. I’m sure I said that last election cycle and I’ll say it again during the next one. The constant campaigning, half-truths, and assumptions being thrown around as fact all just piss me off. It constitutes 90% of the news out there right now and I couldn’t give less of a shit. I’ve already made up my mind on pretty much everything as it is. I just want this to be over with so I can go back to watching TV without Meg Whitman’s turkey-like jowls haunting me in my sleep. But until that wonderful day when the number of biased people making one-sided arguments returns to an ignorable level, let’s squeeze out some election-related Quick Links.

Measure H, yeah, it’s still around

Daniel Thigpen and Christian Burkin put together some great, objective analysis of both sides of the Measure H debate last week. I’ve focused mostly on Fire’s flawed argument, but the Yes on H folks finally got around to misleading folks with classic out of context quotes via their mailer. Ok, A mailer. A mailer that doesn’t even actually mention Measure H and has a return address of Sacramento, but it’s also the most support (indirect or otherwise) that Measure H has gotten publicly. I’d point out all the flaws but Thiggy did a nice job of that on his own. I’d probably be more excited about this if, as Mike Klocke points out, even if it passes it still has a lengthy legal battle to overcome (which I guess is what they wanted anyways).

By the way, having a Chief with a healthy knowledge and relationship with organized labor usually is a good thing as Paul Willette mentioned in Fitzy’s column on union head Dave Macedo and Fire Chief Ron Hittle’s co-owning a Calaveras county cabin. That good thing becomes useless though when the Chief can’t/doesn’t use that relationship to make any progress on labor negotiations. It also helps when the fire union isn’t throwing the biggest temper tantrum this side of Ralph Lee White.

Let’s count the ways Lathrop Mayor Kristy Sayles seems crazy

Amid accusations that she stretches herself too thin, Lathrop Mayor Kristy Sayles took the logical approach of no showing the next two events she was supposed to attend (not to mention no showing the Record’s candidate breakdown for her mayoral race). After reporting that her unfortunately coiffed, soon-to-be ex-husband allegedly struck one of her children, another ex (the “baby’s daddy”) hilariously piled on as only ex-husbands can. Then someone at the State figured out “Wait, kids shouldn’t be getting hit at the day care she runs. I’m pretty sure that’s bad” and shut down the day care she ran out of her house. Needless to say, the past couple weeks haven’t been kind to Kristy Sayles. And to think, she thought that random attack website bashing her back in 2008 was “vicious”.

All that site did was dig up personal shit that made her seem unbalance. Now she’s doing that all by herself! How? Well, there was the initial press conference where she invoked religion so much you’d thing Jesus Christ himself had been arrested for pimp slapping her kid. Being religious isn’t crazy, but blaming Thomas Sayles’ actions on him not accepting God instead of the fact that Mayor Sayles continued to allow him into her house after taking out multiple restraining orders against him sure is.

I’m also pretty amazed that the mayor of Lathrop of all cities can be stretched too thin. What does one do as mayor of Lathrop? She’s essentially the mayor of a fine collection of distribution centers and a gas station. Regardless, going into hiding after a bunch of drama hits right before the election is probably the worst option she could have picked. I don’t even care if she’s really sick, she needs to show she has the intestinal fortitude to lead her rest stop town in even the most trying of times. I’d show up vomiting on the dais just to show my dedication to the job I’m currently trying to keep. Instead, she’s staying quiet, which is just extending the time we have to talk about how she’s already one husband in on a second failed marriage hat trick. Oh well, at least she’s saving some sleazy PI some money on web hosting.

Lodi PD really doesn’t want to have to learn a bunch of new weed rules

Remember last week when we dissected two flawed anti-Prop 19 arguments? Apparently that “Behind the Badge” column was part one of a 2-parts series. I just assumed part two was going to be a measure response from a Prop 19 supporter rebutting some of the outright lies in the previous piece. Well, part two dropped Monday and it wasn’t that, it was more ridiculousless from a department (the SAME GUY in fact) that has already proven itself ignorant on marijuana laws.

Let’s get the easy shit out of the way first. If Prop 19 passes, there won’t be pot plants growing in plain view. There won’t be stoned bus driver and cops (although, they’re so high-strung they could use the mellow). Kids won’t be legally allowed to literally create smoke on the water at Lodi Lake. I don’t care how many times Piombo talks about what “could” happen, I want to hear about what will happen.. Prop 19 essentially puts marijuana on the same level as alcohol. A liquid drug that only people over 21 are legally allowed to drink. Are school bus drivers and cops allowed to chug a forty and get behind the wheel? Of course not. Something being legal doesn’t automatically make it a workplace activity. Those kids smoking pot at Lodi Lake? That would still be as illegal as walking around with an open container and it would still be as illegal as underage drinking. Prop 19 doesn’t turn California into the world’s biggest hippie commune, it just puts weed in its proper place next to alcohol amongst the drug pecking order.

Then we get an extreme sob story about a homeless guy addicted to marijuana. Good Lord I couldn’t help but laugh at this part. For one, we’ve admitted before that, while not chemically addictive, some people can develop become mentally addicted to marijuana. That’s not the drug’s fault, some people just have addictive personalities, they lack the mental toughness to deny themselves something they enjoy to do something they don’t enjoy. It’s not marijuana’s fault they have no will power. These are the people who get addicted to World of Warcraft.

Even more hilarious is the notion of these pothead homeless dudes roaming Lodi, scrounging together cash for a joint while living on the streets. I’ve done extensive drinking in downtown Lodi, it’s where I cut my drinking teeth. Over the course of many years I’ve befriended many of downtown Lodi’s hobos. They’re not after pot. They want booze. There are more wine-os downtown than potheads, let’s eliminate the wine industry! Beyond hooch, they want fucking meth. They don’t age 100 years in 2 years and get all jittery because of weed withdrawals, it’s because they’re methed out of their fucking minds half the time. The concept of offering them some marijuana is so quaint to them that it’s like you transported them back to the 70s before they got hooked on coke.  Piombo’s friend could be one of the few felled by weed alone (and he wasn’t, he went to the hard stuff via the magical marijuana “gateway”), but he had received a scholarship to Oregon State, dude was virtually a lock to smoke pot at some time. I’m pretty sure they print their diplomas on rolling papers up there. Point being, valuing the next bong hit over anything else didn’t turn them into bums, they all made the choice to switch to something harder and more expensive. They’d probably still be living under a roof if they stuck with the least expensive, all-natural option. (And they’d probably grow it on the elementary school playground too!)

We get it, the Lodi Police Department hates marijuana. They also hate pretty much everything resembling fun as my numerous nights drinking on Thanksgiving Eve can attest to. If the Lodi News Sentinel is going to let the Lodi Police Department tell the most extreme tangentially-related stories they can find about marijuana use, I demand equal space to write about that time I rode Space Mountain that changed my life (The actual ride, I know how much that sounds like I had a wild night in Ric Flair’s hotel room). I’ll even do it in a one part series.


~ by Slick Diaz on October 20, 2010.

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