The Real Stocktonian of 2010!

It’s not officially the new year until we pass out this prestigious award, so let’s find out who the Real Stocktonian of the Year is!

I thought this year was going to be tough since 2010 was filled with some of the bitchiest whining I’ve ever seen. The Fire Department whined about budget cuts, the Police Department (somewhat more justifiably) whined about budget cuts, the SUSD Board are the Jedi fucking Masters of whining. It was one long year of pissing and moaning about how put upon those various organizations were, and frankly, none of those little bitches deserve our coveted award. Luckily, as usual when I’m stumped on who to give this award to, some story slaps me in the face and says “This guy you idiot”. So with much less stalling than last year, the Real Stocktonian of 2010 is…

City Manager Bob Deis!

Deis’ ascent to Real Stocktonian is a Cinderella story of sorts, the guy has only been on the job for 6 months or so, but our fair town wasted no time showing some ass and making sure Deis knew just what he was getting in to.

After being hired in the spring, he took the helm at the beginning of the fiscal year in July, just a month after the City essentially threw a budgetary Hail Mary (which is still expensively sailing towards the endzone with a bit of uncertainty I might add). Meanwhile, Fire tried their best to convince everybody (including themselves probably) that they were the good guys by offering concession packages that guaranteed we’d be doing this all again in 2011. The Stockton Police Officers Association spent this time essentially giving the City the silent treatment after loudly campaigning against budget cuts (with Deis’ future phone number printed on the freaking billboards!) before their credibility was shot when they shot a teenager. The incoming message was clear, you’re not in Sonoma anymore.

To top it all off, dude got attacked by some neglected pit bulls while walking his dog in what I’m sure he was told was was one of the safest areas in Stockton.

That’s a lot for even a long time Stockton resident to put up with, let alone a recent transplant. Yet when Forbes contacted him for their story on Stockton reclaiming the “Most Miserable City in America” title he defended this City like a grizzled veteran. Anybody who essentially tells Forbes to fuck off is OK in my book.

Now, I know that quote happened in 2011, but it was about 2010 so I’m counting it. Plus, it’s not just that quote that got him the award, it was all the shit thrown at him leading up to that quote. I’ve lived in Stockton my whole life and my resolve was rattled by Fire’s unrelenting, disingenuous campaigning against the City. The Stockton Police Officers Association spent thousands of dollars to erect a bunch of billboards telling us that outside entities think we suck. If there was ever a year to feel miserable in Stockton, it was this year. Yet, when faced with that very idea, it took a guy who hasn’t even been here for a year to look past the bullshit and essentially say “Yeah, we have problems, but so does everyone else. The people here are good people and we’re going to fight through it. You’re not helping any so get the fuck out of our way.”

If that’s not. Real Stocktonian, I don’t know what is.


~ by Slick Diaz on February 8, 2011.

One Response to “The Real Stocktonian of 2010!”

  1. good to have you back; thought the fight to reclaim the title was done. Have to say Deis acted like a real stocktonian; sadly that means complaining about the methodology instead of looking at the situations that earned us the title and thinking what can be done to improve our situation. The old ‘it’s someone else’s fault and we won’t address the issues raised, we just kill the messenger’

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